봄로야_Bom, roya
떠나보내거나 상실해야 하는 상념을 붙잡아 드로잉, 텍스트, 흥얼거림 등의 '멜랑콜리아적 해프닝’으로 기록한다. <답 없는 공간: 근사한 악몽>(2016-2018)과 <다독풍경>(2019) 프로젝트를 기점으로 사적 경험이 미술가, 작가, 음악가 등과의 대화 및 협업으로 통과되어 다른 사건이 되는 지점에 관심을 두고 있다. 그외 페미니즘 미술 콜렉티브 ‘노뉴워크’ 와 현대 미술과 관련하여 다양한 프로그램과 전시를 만드는 ‘사유지’의 멤버로 활동하며 작가이자 매개자로서의 역할을 고민하고 있다.

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Bomroya talks about materiality and places of loss and thought going back and forth between ordinary days and illusionary days, and between the past and the present, by artwork and curatorial work using drawings, sentences, and murmurs. She also works in various art scenes including , a project of drawing novel and music album, and <0 page book>, an essay about reading. In addition, she published by herself containing a music album and drawings on memory and , a book and notebook made from scribbles. Also, in fall 2016 she had a solo exhibition in which she pursued cooperation with 10 artists and critics. She started her career as a curator in the independent culture scene in Korea and worked as a curator in Preparat lab and Gallery SKAPE. Currently, she actively works as an artist and curator in the visual art, for example, she was a member of the managing committee of SEOUL ART SPACE SEOGYO and of feminist art collective NoNewWork, and also planned and managed A Research on Feminist Art Now (2017), an archival exhibition on feminist art and artists in Korea. In addition, working as a member of SAYUJI, a collective organizing various programs and exhibitions regarding contemporary art, she has pondered upon the role of an artist and a mediator.