Bom, Roya
She makes artworks and art programs from drawings, writings, murmurs, places, and conversations. Now she is working on the process of thinking and drawing incomplete sceneries resembling memories. She also works in various art scenes including , a project of drawing novel and music album, and <0 page book>, an essay about reading. In addition, she published by herself containing a music album and drawings on memory and , a book and notebook made from scribbles. Also, in fall 2016 she had a solo exhibition in which she pursued cooperation with 10 artists and critics. She worked as a curator in various venues, such as ‘Preparat lab’ and ‘Gallery Skape’, and she is the chief organizer of A Research on Feminist Art Now (2017) and Organizing Committee of SEOUL ART SPACE SEOGYO.


2014 Drawing Essay, 2nd Album [The Burden of Sara]
2012 Picture Essay [0page book]
2008 Picture Novel & 1st Digital Album [Cactus Cracker]
2009~2011 Roya’s Band Recipe, magazine Brut, KT&G
2008~2012 7321Design goods illust, 7321Design

2011 M.F.A. Hongik University, Theory of Art, Seoul, Korea
2004 B.F.A. Sookmyung Women’s university, Visual Design, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Answer Without Answer: A Nice Nightmare, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul, Korea
The Burden of Sara, Space Alter ego, Seoul, Korea
0page_moving book project, Seogyo Art Space, Seoul, Korea
Melody of Tears, Hongkong Fringe Club & Macau Fringe Festival, Hongkong, Macau
Aguantar Concert, gallery Aujae, Seoul, Korea
Tear-Drop Concert, SSAMZIE illupop gallery, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions
The Great projection O, National Taiwan Arts Educational Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Dosisido Miredosi collaboration with GEMF, Sejong Chamber Hall, Seoul, Korea
A/S (After Show), Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul, Korea
Daily DMZ Drawing White Paper, Goyan Oulim Nuri Arts Cente, Gyeonggi, Korea
Inconvenient Loops: premonition of violence, Space Alter ego, Seoul, Korea
The Temperature of Love, Seoul Museum, Seoul, Korea
No Frame, Place Flask, Seoul, Korea
Artist’s Portfolio, Savina Museum, Korea
5page novel, Hongjecheon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Pictorial Book of Something, Arirang Gallery, Busan, Korea
Fairy Tale: A Beautiful Story, Gallery Jijihyang, Artvalley Heyri, Paju, Korea
Heeum The Classic ‘Girl & Flower’, Tungsten Hall, Seoul, Korea
so-we-side[suicide]with you, Artspace Pool, Seoul, Korea
Dream of Dokdo, Geumcheon Art Factory, Seoul, Korea
The Stairs of Love, Out to box Gallery, Macau
SANGSANGMADANG Rable-Market ‘Fantastic Line-up poster’, SANGSANGMADANG Gallery, Seoul, Korea
On Trading Card On-Off Line, University of Warwick, London, England
SeogyoNanjang New Generation, SANGSANGMADANG Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Urang-market, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture(SFAC), Seoul, Korea
Art Fever 1st show, Seoho Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Seoul Design Olympic Art Fever group show, Jamsil Stadium, Seoul, Korea
Wow book festival group show, Jaeil Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Digital Megaphone, Gallery King, Seoul, Korea
Heyri the outside art fair, Artvallery Heyri, Paju, Korea
Nazine & brand Tomboy, T-space Seoul, Korea
Amature Amplifier, Gallery King, Seoul, Korea
Weird Invitation, Gallery Skape, Seoul, Korea
Hat & Boa, Gallery Skape, Seoul, Korea
Come, Come, Reply, Gallery On, Seoul, Korea
Rainbow Sherbet, Gallery Skape, Seoul, Korea
Preparat-Mother Earth, Preparat Lab, Gallery Skape, Seoul, Korea
12th Street art exhibition, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea